Social Media Creatives

Design Brief

Social media platforms are an effective way to reach and engage with a large audience, and companies need to produce a large amount of content to keep their followers engaged. As a designer, I was responsible for creating social media posts to promote products, events, or the overall brand image by creating eye-catching and on-brand graphics.

Design Challenge

Social media material design demands high productivity for daily posts, which necessitates designers to generate new ideas in a fast-paced environment while ensuring brand identity consistency.


As part of the company's marketing efforts, we use email marketing to directly connect with our target audience, customers, and subscribers. Through email, we send newsletters, promotional offers, updates, event invitations, and other relevant content to our email contacts. In my role, I am responsible for designing visually appealing emails that showcase product information, purchase links, and promotional details to engage our recipients.

Social Media Posts

I have extensive experience designing social media posts for various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, Twitter, and YouTube.

Web Banner

At Germanpool, I successfully managed two brands: Sparkle Collection, a fashion brand, and Germanpool, a home appliances brand. As part of my marketing responsibilities on websites and e-commerce platforms, I designed top banners to introduce the latest sales information.

More Project

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UX Research & Design, Visual Design, End-To-End

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Visual Design, Interaction Design, Design Systems

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UX Research & Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design