UOC Console


The project details the dashboard design of Unified Operation Centre. It is a platform allows customers to view their cloud resources utilization, cloud billing information, and create tickets to manage incidents.

The Team

2 Designers, 1 Product Owner, 1 Business Analyst, 4+ Developers and 2 Marketing Executives

My Role

From the initial wireframing through to a high-fidelity interface design, I crafted the overall visuals and went through iteration based on user testing.


Aug 2022 - Jan 2023


About UOC Console

Unified Operation Center (UOC) is an intelligent service management platform that integrates innovative technologies into application scenarios. UOC Console provides one-stop 24/7 IT managed services to customers, customers have access to it once they have subscribed to ASL services.


Create UI include usability, productivity, and application hierarchy refer to focus on clean and modern looks with brand and product vision.

Data Visualization

Aim at let different users visualize the  data in an easiest way

UOC Console made the users easy to monitor the data of subscripted services. The tools displayed current, historical data and chart data. A systematiztion of all data gave the utility optimal opportunities to prioritize the operation-related tasks, so that the utility can act quickly and purposely.

Board view to manage tasks

  • Different boards for particular projects like Managed Devices, Alarm, Security Events.

Graphics forward dashboard

  • Reduced cognitive load by extracting the most relevant insights for business using a highly visual dashboard.

Notification feature to track new alert

  • A mechanism was needed to track the status of each event and ensure that it received appropriate attention and resolution.



From the on boarding screen, users were able to login by email. If there was any problem logging in, help centre was set up for users enquiries.

Quick access to analytics

Analytics overview was shown on the homepage, user was able to find out the status of the subscribed service directly.

Tables and charts made easy

Data was presented by chart and table form, made users read it easily and intuitively.

Summary & Retrospective

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our team, the UOC Console was successfully launched in 2022, delivering significant results in both the business and marketing domains upon its launch.

Measuring Success and Impact

⬆️ 20%

Increased User Growth Rate

The UOC Console project's 20% increase in user growth directly led to revenue growth. More users became subscribers, contributing to increased revenue. This highlights the project's success in converting engaged visitors into paying customers, driving both user and financial growth.

⬆️ 60%

Uplift in User Engagement

User engagement saw a remarkable 60% increase, indicating that our strategies effectively captured and retained user interest, resulting in more active and involved users.

✅ 97%

High User Satisfaction

An outstanding 97% user satisfaction rate reflects our commitment to delivering a seamless and satisfying user experience, reinforcing UOC Console's reputation for exceptional user service and contentment.

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