Fashion Graphics

Design Brief

As a graduate in Fashion and Clothing with a keen eye for Fashion Graphic Design, I gained valuable experience working at DORINA, where I successfully designed a range of print design, promotional and marketing materials, fashion labels, and accessories including hangtags, feature tags, and packaging for women's lingerie, swimwear and sportswear. In addition, I had the opportunity to design textile graphics for CENTRESTAGE 2020, which is Hong Kong's largest fashion trade show. These experiences have equipped me with the skills and knowledge to excel as a Fashion Graphic Designer.

Design Challenge

The challenge was to grasp the brand identity visually and create suitable materials accordingly. Additionally, I had to important to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Print Design on Textile

Dorina AW22 & SS23 Collection

DORINA is a renowned brand dedicated to the design and production of women's lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, and sportswear.

In our AW22 Collection, we delved into two captivating design themes: 'Arctic Expedition' and the adventurous 'Amazonia Adventure' on our sportswear line. These themes served as the wellspring of inspiration for our print designs, drawing from the raw beauty of glaciers and lush forests. We sought to infuse these prints with the very textures of nature, such as the rugged surfaces of rocks and the striking patterns of panthers, thereby creating a cool and stylish aesthetic for our sportswear. Meanwhile, continuing our dedication to innovative design, the panther pattern remained a central motif in our 'WE CONQUER' lingerie collection. Additionally, in alignment with the celebratory theme of our 'WE CELEBRATE' collection, we introduced a floral print, elegantly applied to dresses and lingerie sets.

In our SS23 Collection, we proudly presented four unique collections: 'Mediterranean Romance,' 'Untouched Oasis,' 'Aquarius Dream,' and 'Electric Summer.' Drawing inspiration from the cozy ambiance of French vacations, the overall design style evoked the essence of leisure and relaxation. Recognizing the diversity of our customer base, which includes both young ladies seeking cute and simple illustrations, as well as middle-aged customers with distinct preferences, we thoughtfully incorporated coloural tropical-style prints to evoke the spirit of a vacation getaway.

Sparkle Collection at Centrestage 2020

Sparkle Collection is a luxury fashion brand that combines Eastern and Western design elements to create stylish cheongsams, flower buttons, and other designer items. In 2020, the brand showcased their modern cheongsams, Chinese wedding dresses, Tang jackets, and Western couture fashion at Asia's Fashion Week - Centrestage. As a member of the team, I was responsible for designing textile graphics for the showpieces. The design theme portrayed the story of Hong Kong, utilizing its distinct characteristics such as red, white, and blue bags, Hong Kong maps, and traditional floor tile patterns.


The company planed to launch two catalogs per year to inform the sales team about the latest fashion trends. These catalogs will feature new fashion collections and information on new arrivals.


ECOMOON is the period panties launched by DORINA, which is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to disposable menstrual products like pads, tampons and liners. The best period underwear looks and fits just like regular underwear, but features a special layer that helps prevent blood from leaking through. To promote the product in store, I designed a poster with information introducing product.

Labels and Accessories

Besides marketing material, I have created labels and accessories to introduce product features.

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